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gonna delete soon, for real this time


been reevaluating my whole life and I realize I waste far too much time on the internet, tumblr especially, and I’d rather put that energy into something that actually matters.

if I talk to you on here, or even if I don’t, and you wanna stay in touch with me, send me a message.

it’s been real, tumblr.

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BS, AV, KECH by S C R A T C H I E S on Flickr.
Monk and EROS Hollow Throws 1995 by -EROS- on Flickr.
LES by S C R A T C H I E S on Flickr.

Horne by LeftyRodriguez on Flickr.
RE, RUSK, MISS 17, KWOTE, TAKE7, BEL, PEMEX, YES2 by S C R A T C H I E S on Flickr.
Sure Fauster by GOLDGOLDGOLDTBBKCV on Flickr.
IMG_4998 by Disobey&Destory on Flickr.
the real kings of the underground by ckygill on Flickr.